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DUI 16 Hour Seminar Dates

The Ridge Treatment and Reentry Center is a Prime for Life provider. Our instructors have completed the coursework to be a certified instructor for the 16-hour course.
(4 classes that are 4 hours each)  Participants that are ordered to complete a DUI course must complete all 16 hours of course work to receive a certificate of completion.

March Classes
April Classes
May Classes

March 10- 9am-1pm

March 13- 6pm-10pm

March 17- 9am-1pm

March 20th- 6pm-10pm

April 7th 9am-1pm

April 10th 6pm-10pm

April 21st- 9am-1pm

April 24th- 6pm-10pm

May 5th- 9am-1pm

May 8th-6pm-10pm

May 15th- 6pm-10pm

May 19th- 9am-1pm

June Classes
July Classes

June 2nd- 9am-1pm

June 5th- 6pm-10pm

June 9th- 9am-1pm

June 12th- 6pm-10pm

July 7th- 9am-1pm

July 10th- 6pm-10pm

July 14th- 9am-1pm

July 17th- 6pm-10pm

Cost : $300
Course dates may be selected after payment is received

Reach out for more info 

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