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Community Connect,

sponsored by the state of North Dakota, is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at supporting individuals living with mental health or substance use disorders. The Ridge Foundation is proud to facilitate this community-based behavioral health program, offering a path to recovery and empowerment.



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As a committed provider of the Community Connect program, the Ridge Foundation offers a comprehensive range of services to aid participants in their journey

Couples Therapy

Free Through Recovery 

Free Through Recovery is a community-based behavioral health program led by the ND Behavioral Health and Human Services. This program is designed to increase recovery support services to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have behavioral health concerns.

Our Vision

By integrating access to therapy, peer support groups, and life skill development, the Free Through Recovery program aims to empower individuals on their journey to wellness and independence. Our commitment is to foster a supportive environment where participants can not only recover but also thrive, gaining the tools and confidence they need to lead fulfilling, substance-free lives. This program is a testament to our belief that with the right support and resources, recovery is not just possible, but can be a path to a new, enriched life.

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