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DUI Seminar Dates
December Classes

Dec 3  (9am-1pm)

Dec 10 (9am-1pm)

Dec 13 (6pm-10pm)

Dec 17 (9am-1pm)

January Classes

Jan 7  (9am-1pm)

Jan 10 (6pm-10pm)

Jan 21 (9am-1pm)

Jan 24 (6pm-10pm)

February Classes

Feb 4 (9am-1pm)

Feb 7 (6pm-10pm)

Feb 18 (9am-1pm)

Feb 21 (6pm-10pm)

Cost : $300

Reach out for more info

If your interested in receiving more information about the courses offered, just leave us a message we will get back to you shortly

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